Alyssa has worked in design for nearly a decade and holds a degree in New Media & Digital Design from Fordham University with concentrations in E-Commerce and Art, Text, & Design.


Alyssa Pearson is a graphic designer, art director, and brand strategist. She tells brand stories that connect people. 

Trained in New York City and Australia, Alyssa has done agency and in-house brand work for both small startups and large brands, including Fortune 500 companies. She has also built two companies of her own, Re: Brand HQ and Sonder Site Co, that work to inspire womxn to go after their creative passions and make brand magic online through education, workshops, and design resources. 

Her brand work goes far beyond usability and surface appeal. She believes that in design—as in life—everything should be done with utmost intentionality. Every detail, every choice, should have a distinct purpose. So much so that replacing it with anything else would lessen the effect. This holds across all elements of a brand: visuals, voice, values.

For Alyssa, it’s about telling a story—communicating, connecting (and sometimes, caffeinating) with real humans. 


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